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  • 国籍のわかる身分証明書(パスポート)
  • 耳栓
  • 帽子、薄手の長袖の服、日焼け止め
  • 歩きやすい靴
  • カメラ📷、ビデオカメラ📹
  • 小型のバッグ
    身のまわり品のサイズ(45cm x 23cm x 20cm以内)
    100席未満用の機内持ち込みサイズのバッグ(45cm x 35cm x 20cm以内)
  • 折りたたみ式の小さな椅子
  • 小銭や千円札
  • ウェットティッシュ


  • レジャーシート、敷物
  • 脚立、折りたたみ式の踏み台
  • 三脚
  • 透明なペットボトルの水
  • 米系の機内持ち込みサイズのバッグ(56cm x 35cm x 22cm以内)


  • 大型のバッグ
  • アルコール類🍺
  • 缶やガラスビン
  • 食べ物
  • 日傘を含む傘
  • 無線操縦のマルチコプター(いわゆるドローン)



大きいか否かの判断は難しいですが、 過去の経験から判断すると機内持ち込みサイズが一つの目安でしょうか。

さすがに米国大使館の25cm x 25cm以下までは厳しくないはずです。






 基地及び航空祭会場にご入場の際には手荷物検査を行います。3辺の和が100cmを超える手荷物は基地内へは持ち込めません。特にドローン等の持込みは、固くお断りさせていただきますのでご注意ください。 詳しくはこちらをご覧下さい。


出典: 航空自衛隊 三沢基地


Are umbrellas allowed at the air show?
Small rain umbrellas are fine to bring (the small ones that fit in a purse), but large golf umbrellas or shade umbrellas are banned as they may block the view of spectators behind you.


Can I bring lawn chairs?
Yes. Lawn chairs, camp chairs, stadium seats, and blankets are allowed. Lounge chairs are not permitted. All items are subject to search, and please consider you may have to carry them quite a distance between parking, shuttle buses, and to the flight line. Limited bleacher seating will be available on a first come first serve basis.


Can I bring my camera, video camera, or cell phone?
Yes. There are no security restrictions on these items. However, large camera bags are not permitted. Bring only necessary camera equipment, leaving extra attachments at home. A small fanny pack or vest is useful for carrying small lenses. Keep in mind that everything is subject to search.


What other items are prohibited?
The following is a list of banned items that will be confiscated or cause visitors to be turned away at the gate if brought to the Nellis Air Show:
firearms, knives (including pocket knives and all-purpose tools,) fireworks, toys that resemble firearms, laser pointers, silly string, spray paint, illegal drugs, medical marijuana, excessively large items and bags.
The following items are allowed but will be searched: purses, diapers bags if accompanying a child, camera bags, and lawn chairs.
All visitors are subject to search by Security Forces.


出典: Air Show FAQs